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jmacallarnold , 12 Nov 2012

first time poster- toenail ripping, skin scalp and scab picker.

I have been picking at my skin and ripping off scabs since I was in kindergarten. I am now 21 and a wife and mother of a 13 m/o. I have been to countless therapists, and doctors. I am currently on 80 mg of prozac (which is a night and day difference for my anxiety) but has had absolutely 0 effect with my skin picking. Any scab, "imperfection", pimple, zit etc, I have to get rid of. I would rather a nasty wound then a hard scab. I even get pleasure out of ripping off a painful scab. I have had a massive wound on my scalp for almost a year now that will not heal because I continue to pick at it. It actually caused bald spots which already have had hair grow back in about two inches and yet the same wound is still there. I also cannot stand my toenails. I rip off 8 out of 10 of my toenails. Luckily I haven't touched my big toes. But my other one are gonners. I rip the entire nail off with my finger ls, and a successful "pulling" for me is when I get the entire nail including th bed that is under the skin/cuticle. This is extremely painful, yet satisfying. Not to mention the regrowth is absolutely excrutiating! Just recently the regrowth was so painful my doctor was willing to prescribe me hydrocodone for the pain even under the circumstances. I have rituals every night where I can not sleep until I can remove every scab or regrown toenail possible. My questions for you what else can I do? Hypnotherapy? I also want to know who I can see to be officially diagnosed. Also, I need to stay on my current medication for my anxiety disorder, but are there other known medications that can help?? I am desperate. I do not want my son to see this horrible habbit.

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