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salvationfromp… , 12 Nov 2012

Not Alone!!!

I'm SO happy this is a real thing, with a name!!! I've been picking for years and years, thinking it was a bad habit, telling myself of for it, being told off for it etc. But as much as I worry about it, I can't help myself. I subconsciously make myself bleed all the time and even when I consciously know I'm going to do it, the need to do it overrides the knowledge that it's bad for me. I have tried using blue tack to distract my hands but i end up putting the blue tack down so that I can pick. I pick my hands mainly, but also my face and back. I used to have quite a weird OCD but now I guess it's transferred. I'm just SO SO happy that there's a name, that it's recognised, and that there are actual treatments! And other people with the same difficulties! This is amazing.
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November 13, 2012
Hi there salvationfrompi.. Anything that affects this many people and causes so much pain (physically, mentally, emotionally, socially..etc) is Definitely real!! There are lots of great people here who understand and have lots of wisdom and support to offer. I'm glad you found this site, I know it's helped me tremendously!

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