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reaching.higher , 17 Nov 2012

one of those moments...

I was going through my closet searching for an outfit for a date tomorrow night and was going through plenty of nice tops that I could wear if my skin wasn't so messed up. I wish I could just get it together and stop picking at my skin so I can actually wear nice clothes again without worrying about the cover up of scars. I get so aggravated with myself sometimes. why can't I just stop this nonsense!? Doesn't help that the face product that actually worked to clear up my acne was discontnued so I'm picking even more these days.ughh frustration!needed to vent somewhere and thought I'd do it here with people who understand this problem.
5 Answers
November 17, 2012
I know how you feel. I have so many tops that I could wear if I could just stop picking. The only tops I will wear are black ones because they are the only ones that hide the blood stains. I would love to wear something blue or white. Oh well...
November 17, 2012
awww.i don't really bleed on my clothes it's just that I have a bunch of horrible dark marks all over my chest and shoulders so I can't wear tank tops or anything that shows those face is a disaster as well so I have to put on extra makeup to cover it all up. I wish I could just stop. I went 14 days without picking and then fell off the bandwagon after I got into a heated discussion with my professor. I'm going to try and get it together again and go past that number
LL Cool Jane
November 18, 2012
I have those moments too. When I'm in the store I even purposely buy super cute strapless dresses or short-sleeved tops as a motivation to make myself stop. Like a reward--I get to wear those outfits if I just stop! But it doesn't work. I've just ended up spending a lot of money on outfits I can never wear. And I'm mad and angry and frustrated because my life would be so much better without this problem. I know I'd be a lot sexier too.
November 18, 2012
omg LL Cool Jane i've done that too!!i'll tell myself that i'll clear up my skin by spring/summer time so i'll just buy it now in winter while it's on sale.soo stupid of me because it never pans out that way!the only way i can wear revealing clothes (swimsuits,tanks,etc.) is by caking on the make-up all over those parts of my body which is such a hassle so i rarely care enough to do this.what makes it worse is that i live in the swimsuit capital in the summer time so i have to dodge all the offers from friends to go to the beach or play sports that will make me sweat off my make-up.i've got to start making progress with this!
June 11, 2013

In reply to by reaching.higher

It's almost summertime now, well it practically already is, and i live in southern California so i'm definitely dealing with exactly this problem currently :( my goal is to go 10 days without picking so by the end of this month i'll hopefully atleast be able to wear short sleeves/tanktops.. i bought a super cute crop top the other day thinking it would be motivation for me to not pick but so far I've only been able to wear it with a sweater over it :/ good luck to you and i'm curious how you're doing with picking?! xo

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