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Dawn , 03 Feb 2009

Yahoo messenger

Just wondering if anyone else had yahoo messenger would like to swap info. Coming to this group a few times a day has been helping, but i would really like it if i could chat with someone during the day too. Im silverdust2246 when you add me, tell me who you are and that your from here please. Hope to hear from someone. :)
1 Answer
February 05, 2009
Hey Dawn! I don't use messenger, and am usually at work during the day, but if you ever want to email, my address is, and my (real) name is Sommer (pronounced like summer). If I am at home all day, I usually check my email many times, though. So, not exactly chatting, but just thought I'd give you the info, if you want, and feel free to email any time. If not, that's fine too! :) Have a good day!

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