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LL Cool Jane , 18 Nov 2012

A few things that have helped me--hopefully they'll help you too :)

Sorry, no miracle cures here. Just a few methods of things that have helped me with picking, on and off. I definitely still struggle with it daily and have not been totally successful, but when I have periods of remission, this is what has helped: What has helped me recently is to just strip down naked and look in the mirror. Really force myself to see what I've done. I never look at the big picture when I'm picking, just individual areas, and I become so wrapped up in it and just zone out. When I force myself to look at things at a macro level, to really just stare at my body and how I'm just ruining something so otherwise perfect, it gives me new motivation to stop. I have hope that I can be beautiful again and maybe almost back to normal. Also bubble wrap helps when I get the urge to pick. It's a similar satisfying feeling of being able to pick/pop something, but it isn't harmful. It also keeps my hands occupied and distracted. I keep bubble wrap in my house in bulk, and always take some small sheets with me in my purse so I always have it. As far as scars, I have noticed that the oldest ones have faded away to almost nothing. Cocoa butter helps, I use Palmer's nightly. I also take vitamin E tablets for skin renewal. I also eat lots of foods that promote white blood cell production and cell turnover to renew skin and prevent infection: bananas, yogurt, garlic, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, salmon, cranberries, and also I take vitamin supplements, making sure to get zinc and fish oil. I really hope this helps...we are all in this together. We can beat it!!!
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November 20, 2012

In reply to by Orange

I really like the bubble wrap idea! I have been thinking I need some activity to focus my restless fingers on something other than picking. You know, it strikes me that many people with obsessive compulsive natures are very intelligent. You are quite articulate. : )
LL Cool Jane
November 20, 2012

In reply to by gypsygirl14

Thanks! I hope these ideas help some people. Yeah, I think I read somewhere that a lot of very smart people have some type of neurosis. When I think about it makes sense: overactive brains, tendency to perfectionism, narcissism...
November 20, 2012

In reply to by LL Cool Jane

That makes me feel better! Yes it's clearly a side effect of having such a high IQ lol :-) I have been using bandages recently to fondle and stroke instead of picking. Also, I have been keeping a visual diary of my face each day. I haven't picked my forehead or cheeks for a good few days now- can't seem to lay off my chin but at least I am cutting down! Keep the advice coming, Thanks. x
November 20, 2012
Great advices! I would love to try the cocoa butter. I don´t think we have the Palmer´s brand here in my country so i´ll have to look after something similar instead. Interesting to learn more about which food that can help the skin to heal btw. :) One thing that has helpt me is to make a stop picking calender. I just made one by myself and have it on my wardrobe door, that way I won´t miss it one single day. I then cross off every successful day. This keeps me motivated! :)
November 21, 2012
I have done something I've never done before, I've taken photo's of my self when I've been picking for hours (ok ok days) and I'm hoping that I will be able to look at them and stop myself (worth a go lol) On a slightly more practical side, when I'm at home I cover my face and main picking areas in Vaseline. If nothing else it helps stop the mindless picking.When I go to pick or rub I can feel the Vaseline which stops me. I have also cut my nails very very short to make it practically difficult. Does anyone have any other suggestions please? x

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