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erica25 , 23 Nov 2012

how do i heal bright red marks quickly??

im 20 years old and i've been picking for about 3 years now. I go through ups and downs where my skin is clear but then before i know it i have "picks" all over my face again. These "picks" take months to heal because i continue picking them as they are trying to heal. I have a huge party tomorrow night which i'm dying to go to but im mortified by the look of my face. I like to think of myself as a cute looking girl but when my face has all these "picks" all over it, i am so ashamed i sometimes dont leave the house. I couldnt go to school today because after 45 minutes of trying to conver up my face with makeup i got frustrated and decided to give up and stay home. I see a therapist regularly and he has been helping me but I still struggle each and everyday. Please help me! what can i do to heal these bright red marks from picking in 24 hours?? they aren't open wounds right now and they are almost flat but they are still hard to cover. help..
1 Answer
November 23, 2012
I have found that polyspirin mixed with sudocrem help mine calm down to a slight pink mark

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