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ashbeth_at23 , 28 Nov 2012

I have a scar on my face

Hello my name is Ashley. I'm 19 years old. Last year October 25, 2011 I got in a very bad car accident. I had got stitches on my left eyebrow and forehead. It was so bad that I almost cracked my skull. It was a inch away from my skull. It's healing now but still tender and sensitive. It's been a year since. But I was wondering what can I use or do too make it less visible? And I get pimples on it sometimes and it irritates me. Do you know why I could be getting them on my scars? Also i have another scar on my left lower lip. That's due too another car accident when I was in 7 th grade. As the years pass it gets less visible but I do get pimples on it too. Can I put some sort of cream on them? Because once I see pimples I pick at them and try too pop them asap. And I don't want to do that on my scars because they'll be more visible and could make cuts on them again. Any suggestions?? Please and Thank you.
2 Answers
November 30, 2012
I to have a scar on my face although mine is self inflicted. What i have found is that the more you try to cover it the more noticable it is. Truthfully no one notices from what my friends say. They tell me they did not notice anything until I pointed it out. I started putting rose hip oil on mine this week hoping this will blend it in more so we will see. Just be yourself no one is going to notice those scars and if they do they will forget all about them as you are a great person. The more we make a big deal of them the more others will react. We just need to be patient (hard i know) they will fade.
November 30, 2012
3 years ago I was in a four wheeler accident where I broke 4 bones in my face and had to get 30 stitches above my lip. Since then the scar has gone down in size. I found that what works best is mederma gel mixed with prescribed retin a. Note( I use this on my whole face for acne scars and because it improves the health of my skin) ( I don't use the mederma with sunscreen since I'm slightly allergic). Also when my scar was first healing I applied vitamin e oil for about a month. My scar isn't gone(nor would I expect it to be since I got 30 stitches, but it isn't as noticeable as it used to be. I wouldn't put acne medicine around the scar since it will dry out your skin and won't help the appearance of your scar however the retin- a I just mentioned duals as an acne treatment

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