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8metalic , 28 Nov 2012


hello, i am asking if the world out there can just help me.i have this big bruise that i got on my cheek, and i tend to pick it , stopping it from heeling properly.although i can usually controll the picking, at night while im sleeping i cant.while i am asleep i just destroy it, causing nyself to bleed a lot, and also disturbing the heeling scared also that im going to get a scar! ive tried covering it up with bandages and stuff, but nothing helps,since i just rip it off while im sleeping.can YOU please just write down any advice you can come up with to help this situation?! maybe i should tie myself up while i sleep, but gow can i do that? please help me out!!! THANK YOU very much.
12 Answers
November 29, 2012
i suggest tying yourself with a strap to the bed, but not too tight, so you dont twist and turn your sensitive face on the pillow.and for your hands: just put watches on both wrists, and srap them each to the strap thats around your body.its a little bit of a pain in the neck, but thats life!!!what else can u do to tie yourself up?
December 12, 2012

In reply to by 8metalic

help!! yesterday i picked.during last night i was wearing gloves and still rubbed the scab, and smeared my face all over my pillow!. my pillow is all bloody.i dont even know what happen.i need a good idea!!! thank you everyone for your continious care.i didnt know the world was so nice.please continue
November 29, 2012
I would seek medical/ proffessional advise, as we are not either. That said, perhaps some sort of gloves that wouldn't hurt your face might help?
December 04, 2012
I was just commenting on this. if you see bruising, see a derm right away. It may be a staph infection and they can get nasty, in your bloodstream, on your heart valves etc. I had it so I know its a possibility.
December 05, 2012
You could wrap duct tape around your hands and fingers.... Sounds uncomfortable but it's better than being tied up, right?
December 11, 2012
Strapping yourself or handcuffs aren't going to be comfortable and might be dangerous. Also cutting your nails makes picking easier, in my opinion. WEAR GLOVES OR MITTENS (or socks over your hands if you don't have those). That's what I do, and no way can you pick with those on.

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