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julia53888 , 02 Dec 2012

My 9- month challenge

Hello everyone. I've been a picker for 3 years now and I decided that its time to stop for good. I have tried to to this before and the longest I've been able to go is about 2 and a half weeks. I've heard that it takes 28 days to break a bad habit so I think after I reach the one month mark it will be easier from there. I start college in 9 months( hence the title of this blog) and I don't want to have red inflamed bumps scabs all over my arms and face. I dont want to have to wear jackets and t shirts all the time or worry about piling on makeup . I want to actually be able to wear what I want without having to worry about covering up my self inflicted bumps. So I've decided to keep a blog on here to record my progress. Today would be day 2 since I picked the day before yesterday. So I'm going to keep up with this and write on here a few times a week. I would love it if anyone who is interested would also make an effort to stop and also post their progress. I know that this will be very difficult and I don't expect to be perfect and never have any slip ups, but it is my dearest hope that i wont pick to the extent that I used to and eventually overcome this.

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