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doctordonna , 03 Dec 2012

New member

I have never in my life heard of this but was completely shocked to learn of it. I started researching after seeing an episode of Taboo with a woman who was picking her scabs and it led me here. I didn't really think anyone else did this. I know my grandmother does it to a degree but I have been the only one in my life that I knew compulsively picked my skin. I've got so many scars all over my body from this habit, and am incredibly insecure about my skin. It used to be just my arms and legs but it's moved now to my face and torso. To me, it felt like wherever I was getting complimented (face, breasts, etc) was where I was suddenly finding places to pick. I'm not even sure how the scabs start or where they come from, until they're open and sore. Bug bites, pimples, I don't know. Sometimes I think maybe it's just dry skin patches. My family and those around me know I do it, but the one thing I have never shared with anyone is that I eat the scabs. I eat anything I pick off myself, including picking my nose. It's incredibly shaming to admit to it, but in just poking around here for a bit it seems like I'm not alone and that feels good. Slowly I'm destroying my skin and who knows what else. I want to stop but I don't even know how to begin. I have several other issues I'm also dealing with and I'm starting to feel like every time I start dealing with something 5 other things crop up. Anyway, that was a long intro, but I am just so grateful to have stumbled upon this and found that there are others like me.
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December 05, 2012
Hi Doctor Donna, I had to write because you said you don't even know how to begin, and I know so much at this point. I'm a former sufferer and now a holistic health coach specializing in these issues. You can find my website at You can contact me through there for a free consultation or just look at the blog which has lots of self-help tips to help you learn where to start. Congratulations in taking the first step of writing your post! - Annette

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