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hippiechick , 03 Dec 2012

My quest to conquer my compulsion for picking

I found this site when I was desperately seeking answers for quick wound healing. I want to share a couple of newfound revelations. Number one , I was picking at imperfections and yes there may have been some acne but not terrible. However, I started breaking out in huge disfiguring welts and was diagnosed with severe acne (I'm 45, never had a big acne problem before) and I was put on accutane over last six months. It seemed to help somewhat but not completely and I was still picking. Fast forward 6 months later......I got off the accutane but then had a huge eruption last week in four places with swelling, small heads and absolute redness. I didn't understand how this could be. I was mortified and hiding in my room and crying. Let me make clear that I am a Christian and my first instinct was to blame God. I was humbled to the ground in tears and despair. I began looking at what the bible said about healing. I began listening to what my favorite preacher Joyce Meyer had to say about healing. I was led to a second opinion and found out I was misdiagnosed with a staph infection. This is staph not acne. I wouldn't have had staph in my face if I hadn't been picking it. Guys, I am in healthcare. Staph can turn into very very nasty stuff for a lack of better medical terms. I am now on correct medicine and my face is healing. I prayed for healing. Now I am praying for the hair that fell out as a result of accutane to grow back in. Talk about a tremendous source of anxiety. However, I am in full realization of the picking problem and its deeper roots. I put my trust in God for healing and I believe with all of my heart that He led me to the right doctor and the only reason I saw him was because the other one was running late. The one I always see. He corrected the previous diagnosis immediately. In the meantime, I am healing inside and out. I've been led to examine my propensity for anxiety and for perfection and to relax a little and let God take the wheel. I believe He will heal me from the picking and from the damage I have self inflicted. I'm done with the picking. I'm going to continue to lean on the great healer and I know I do not have to stay in this bondage. My purpose is not to preach but I want all of you to experience freedom. I don't want any of you to cause yourself these staph infections. If you have these sores that are not healing...see your derm, you may have staph. Don't just choose a bunch of over the counter products and hope someone on this forum can help you.

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