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imamess , 04 Dec 2012

Heel picker newbie

hi guys! I stumbled across this site about a month ago and read the stories, could relate to a lot of what was said. I am a heel picker newbie as the subject says. I started picking about 3-4 months ago. Even though it seems longer than that. Never picked at nails, occasionally at scalp. My dad does that all the time. He has a skin condition that causes him to scratch terrible at a place on his leg. It all started when I quit my job that I hated but I am married with kids and a husband that "wants" me to work. Have had trouble finding employment and this has caused a strain on our relationship. I love getting pedis or did until a few months ago. I wore flop flops all the time. Had a fav pair but didn't ever put lotion on heels or hands for that matter. Anyway my heels got dryer and dryer so the picking began. I too have picked until bled, had to limp, husband fussing about it, on lots of meds for bipolar 2, (the one with mainly lows and anger management) depression, anxiety, and I believe a touch of ocd and adhd. Anyway, sorry for long story. I just wish I could stop picking. I have always tried to have as nice as possible looking feet. Loved pedicures but my my son and husband started picking on the way my toes are. My husband and said I had corns on my pinky toes. So I think I developed a sort of complex which may have started it all. I will go to Sally's to see what they have for sanding them smooth because I am very tired of this and pray I find a job soon. Thanks for reading and sorry again for being long winded. God bless. :)

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