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armyofears366 , 04 Dec 2012


I think... Aloe Vera has changed my life... Something really crazy happened. I was in a healthfood store, and this guy says, rudely, "what's that on your face?" He was referring to a dry patch from a pick I had covered up with makeup... I coldly responded, "it's just a mark..." and tried to turn my back to him. He said "that will go away if you get some aloe vera or honey." I was so angry and embarrassed that this guy approached me out of the blue, and I was sad that he noticed what I had tried to cover up :( but surely enough, I couldn't help but pick up some aloe vera... I got a 99% aloe vera gel, and have been applying it on my face after cleansing literally WHENEVER I am home. I just leave it on there for awhile... And then I spot treat with it over night. It basically creates this layer of clear aloe vera that keeps me from picking, and leaves me skin feeling soft in the morning! It's only been 3 days and all my scabs and dry skin have basically fallen off! Now I just am left with pink spots... Does anyone have recommendations for those??? If anyone has been struggling with dry patches they have been unable to stop picking, GET ALOE VERA. It is truly wonderful.

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