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snugglereader , 04 Dec 2012

scalp picker

hi, i'm 15 and i pick my scalp subconsciously; its been going on for a while now, id say since i was ten maybe? i tend to pick my scalp until it bleeds and then pick the scabs etc. its a vicious cycle. i usually find my self doing it after a long space of time yet struggle to stop, its like an addiction. sometimes i put the skin that i have picked into my mouth but never eat it and i don't know why; i bite down on my jaw while i'm doing it aswell and my teeth and jaw are beginning to hurt because of it, i have noticed i feel quite anxious once i find myself picking. recently i have been picking off the hard skin on the bottom of my big toe and the dry skin off of my lips. im starting to worry whether this is a mental condition or if this picking can lead to something bigger/worse. i told my friend and he didn't believe that it was subconscious but i don't mean to do it, i just find myself doing it and carry on, im sorry im rambling. if anybody knows what the cause of this is, if i should stop or if this is a symptom of something bigger, please let me know. i would love to hear your stories if anybody is up for that? thank you
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December 10, 2012
hi I have the same problem, the only differences are: 1)- that I never talked with anybody about my scalp & scab picking. It's very secret I always payed much attention so that nobody could find out. 2)- that I eat my scars and not only chew them. 3)- the problem started when I was 12 -- now I am 31!. I really wish to stop. I really was convinced that it was not a psycological problem, only a dermatological problem. I thought it was all about a mycosis (fungal infection of the scalp) but now I'm sure it's not. It's a compulsive disorder. I quite don't know what to say, but I guess that being aware is very important. I spent years denying this yo myself, finding excuses, minimizing the problem. Now I'm not finding excuses and I'm ready to fight this. I can add some details, just to better help people recognize the symptoms and make comparisons: - my scab/scalp picking is always in very specific areas of the scalp. It's not random. I only find relief by always picking the same areas of my scalp (it's about 10 little different parts of the scalp, always the same ones). - after picking the scabs I spend some second watching them, touching them carefully with my fingers, before eating them. - the moment in wich I do my scalp picking are in the early morning, after waking up or just before waking up, in the evening, just before falling asleep. In my office I do this after having phone calls, generally in a relaxing moment immediately after a stressful working moment. At school ( I also study at university): when I study. I can't concentrate if I don't scratch, pick and eat all the scabs of my scalp.
December 13, 2012

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thank you for commenting its nice to see somebody that understands, it feels like that sometimes, like nobody understands. I guess ill just have to accept that it is a disorder and move on, i'm not sure there is any cure haha. its just so frustrating you know? when you cant stop and you really really want to. and i am the same, i find comfort in picking in the same places, and i usually do it before i sleep too, or when i'm concentrating on something! its so odd to talk to someone with the same problem haha

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