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alex56 , 04 Dec 2012

Staph infection

ive been picking my scalp and pretty much all parts of my body for over 10 years, im 18 years old. and ive always gotten acne on my butt, but for the past few years ive had these little bumps and finally decided to go to the dermatologist for it, and she said it looks like folliculitis. and then she saw the scabs all over my legs and back and scalp, ( she doesnt know i pick my skin nervously) and decided to test me for staph infection. there were no puss bumps on my butt, so she just decided to take a scab off my scalp and test the blood from there. I really didnt think i have staph, but got a call today saying there is some staph present in the blood from the scab. I havent gotten a chance to call the doctor to get full details yet, but does that mean this is in my actual blood stream? or just the wound? because the scab she took was just like every other scab on my head and didnt seem like an infected wound to me. Is this something that is caused from my picking and should i be really worried about this?

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