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neverwake , 05 Feb 2009

Solution - elastoplast?

So I've been looking around on the internets to see if anyone has had any success kicking this thing.. and I found something that seems promising. It's called "elastoplast", and it's a clear plaster that you spray on cuts (kind of like nu-skin?). But apparently this is nearly invisible, flexible, and stays for about 2 days without washing off - sweet! It's only sold in England, and I just ordered a can online last night.. should be here in a week or so. I suppose I should say here that my picking is centered around the sides of my nails on all fingers. So!- the plan is to spray it on all fingers but one or two, and repeat every two days for a week or so, just to see how it goes. After that, all fingers for a month straight! This is how long I hear it takes to make or break a habit. I'm pretty excited about the potential, but have some concerns too. Like what if I just relocate my habit elsewhere? And what if this isn't really the same as a 'habit' you can just kick? I'm still gonna try it out though, and I'll definitely make updates on progress (hopefully!) being made :)
5 Answers
February 05, 2009
Thanks for this, I never heard of it. I am going to google it and see what it says Thanks again!
February 05, 2009
That sounds really interesting. Can't wait to hear how it works for you, keep us updated!
February 08, 2009
that sounds like an intriguing idea, but i used something like the nu skin (it was very similar to super glue) a few years ago on a cut on my hand and tried to close it up with that, but it dried and the glue like shrunk up and made my skin tear when i moved my hand...
February 18, 2009
So my elastoplast *finally* arrived today! Took nearly two weeks.. think I will probably order another one soon if that's how long shipping takes. Anyway, I cleaned my hands and sprayed this stuff on all my fingers. It definitely stung, a lot like nu-skin. Its clear and kind of shiny, but moves with my fingers without cracking or peeling! I hardly even notice it right now, and I've only had it on for an hour or so. I know I could easily pick it off, so I think this is going to help most in preventing me from picking unconsciously, because it feels so different! I think I will probably put a little more on tomorrow morning, just to make sure, then work tomorrow will be the first test..

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