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Pumpkie120 , 07 Dec 2012

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Just knowing that there is a name for what I do and that I'm not alone is a huge comfort and relief. My motivation for seeking treatment are my children. My daughter has seen me picking and all I can think about is protecting her from it. I remember my mom used to tell me when I was young that I would regret picking when I was older. She was right, as mothers tend to be. I'm working my way up to professional help but through this site and others like it I feel like just knowing I'm not alone has helped.
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Valery R Young
May 06, 2013
Hello Jason, Thanks for sharing your CURE!!! I am 54, Tues, May 7th, and I also have taken great comfort in knowing I was not the only one around that would bite and pick my hands so badly. I looked it up on internet about one year ago and just knowing I wasn't alone was enough for me for a year or so. BUT! The funny thing is I have read quite a few people's testimony to the disorder, but never have any noted that their ENTIRE FAMILY HAS DERMAPHOMIA!!! Yes, I come from a long line of "worry worts" that's what my dad said. So, I don't think any of us fail to realize we are worried about things. But, in our case biting sort of gives us something else to worry about; We have to think about what we are doing to avoid biting too hard and biting just perfectly around like we all want to smooth our rough spots, So, to me obviously, we are concentrating obsessively on our biting to avoid having to worry about our other stuff, but the very second we stop biting, all the thoughts of worry rush back in. So, I really think you are on to something here, with meditation, and I too am diagnosed with depression and anxiety, ocd, bi-polar, So I DO TAKE some meds. But, honestly I do think the meds help alot. A balance of MEDITATION AND MEDICATION could benefit us all in my opinion. Also, surely you all have noticed SUGAR makes it worse? I certainly have. Like RATS run faster in the lab tests with sugar diet. SO watch your DIET too folks, GET LOTS OF VITIMIN B, and Remember "B" is for BALANCE! and God Bless you all! Pray for me too! Nutrition is so hard to get right now days. So, good luck with that fellow friends in the "DERMA" World. :)

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