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PenguinExplosions , 10 Dec 2012

Pore/Acne Picking: "I Just Picked. Now What?"

I am asking this specifically to the pore pickers out there: of course anyone is welcome to answer but personally I suffer from pore picking and am looking for advice in this area. So you caved in and picked your pores pretty badly, what do you do next? Do you have an aftercare routine? What have you tried? What worked? What didn't? For me the main priorities after a bad picking session are to reduce inflammation and prevent infection. Usually this involves the application of benzoyl peroxide, but I can't afford to use it frequently so I don't often follow up with subsequent applications (I am sure it would be much more effective if I was able to apply it several times a day during healing). When I have had deep, nonhealing acne in the past, in a pinch I would drain the lesion as much as I could and then do a hot, potent salt soak. This worked pretty well for preventing the infection from reoccuring. So today, after I did some extensive picking on a large area of my body, I microwaved a heat pack (the kind for sore muscles) and wrapped it in a towel saturated with potent saltwater solution and soaked each area for a few minutes at a time. After doing this I noticed the inflammation was much better than usual... my pores were swollen still but not nearly as much redness as usual. Then I applied some benzoyl peroxide cream. I'd like to try to follow up with more saltwater soaks during healing as this is much more affordable than benzoyl peroxide creams. What are your experiences with healing and aftercare?
1 Answer
December 11, 2012
I use Epsom salts for everything and it works really well for me.. I keep a spray bottle around and spritz my skin a few times a day. It's probably about 3-4 tbsp in a cup of water. Styptic pencils or a pinch of sugar in a few drops of water will make the blood and plasma stop so there's a better chance the scabs wont be too big. For the redness and swelling I put a few drops of water on a few aspirin tablets and then rub that on my face or use a wet towel with ice in it. The cold helps close the pores too. My problem is that I just can't keep my hands off my face so new ones won't pop up.

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