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FinallyNotAlone , 11 Dec 2012

So happy to have found you

I was looking for quick ways to heal my skin seeing as I just spent the last 7 hours picking at it. I can feel it - my face and back and this allergy induced rash on my chest now - and it makes me utterly miserable. I thought I was the only one, obsessively picking and re-picking at the clogged pores on my face that turn into giant messes. Then I have to turn around and slather gobs of makeup on so that no one will see it. It's hard to explain to someone else that you just can't stop. Like I said, I can feel it even when I am not touching it. It's not only that, I bite my nails and the skin around my nails too. I guess I just never thought of it as an actual problem that could be fixed and I just assumed that I was just like this. I cried when I read some of the posts, not because they are sad but because I have spent so long with this secret that I finally felt like it was a problem and it could be stopped. Provided I stop putting my hands on my face between each sentence. I just wanted to post to say that the bravery and support that I see here has truly made a difference for me and I am glad I finally stumbled onto this site. I hope that with some of the tips I have come across on here that I can work to keep my hands away from my face and my fingers out of my mouth and finally not be ashamed of the way that I look. Thank you.

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