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arexantor , 11 Dec 2012

Calamine Lotion and Witch Hazel

Okay, old posts have recommended these products, but new people may not have seen them. THEY WORK SO WELL. It's crazy. Costs like 3 dollars total for a bottle of Calamine Lotion (not Caladryl) and generic Witch Hazel (which looks like rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide). Less toxic ingredients, less money, more results. After you pick, use a cotton ball and use the witch hazel to just clean your skin--it'll also close your pores. Then apply the Calamine lotion (it's really runny so over a sink or something), and I do about three coats. Wait however long you can (two hours is pretty effective, but I've slept with Calamine masks and that's fine, and I've also just put them on for just twenty minutes and it helps) then wash it off and put on more Witch Hazel and a lotion/sunscreen/makeup/whatever. SO SO SO effective. I do so much damage, this is really a lifesaver. Also works on raised pimples starting to emerge, and helps even out the indented scars--which I had given up hope on. Let me know your results!
2 Answers
December 11, 2012
Oh yeah. Mirror advice--use dry-erase or whiteboard markers to write reminders to yourself not to pick. You can still see past the writing to do legitimate things like check your hair, but if you write "Control, Courage, Love, Time, Beauty, etc." on your mirror it'll give you constant reminders not to pick.
December 17, 2012
But how it would be effective. Actually pimples leave the scar marks, and is it really possible to clean those pores.

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