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allyjane1010 , 11 Dec 2012

I thought

I thought i was the only one, i didnt know that out of 20 ppl 1 had this. i feel so ashamed for picking my scalp, and eyelashes, and then i eat it...Ive never old anyone that, i dont kno why i do it, i just do. I hope that by reading this and getting help, i will finally stop....It all started in 6th grade,and im a sohmore in college, and i get looked at cause im always itching my head to get a scab off.... anyone know anything i can do?
2 Answers
December 12, 2012
You are definately not alone. I have been picking scabs on my body on and off for 10yrs. The past 6mos have been really bad. My upper arms and shoulders house about 30 gouges that keep growing in size everytime I pick. I have picked at the same ones for 6mos. It is an embarrassing secret. Needless to say I do not date or wear short sleeves. I am actually attractive by society's standards(if only they knew). From what I am reading your scalp picking and my picking are a result of underlying issues. Depression, anxiety, ocd, dig deep, you probably know if you suffer from any mood disorders. I have decided to make an appointment and get on meds. I hope that you reach out and get what you need. We don't have to live like this any longer.We deserve to feel good.
December 12, 2012

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Mine ius not as bad as most, but i do know if i shave my head, ill have scabs all the way through it, im going to be a diagnostician when i grow up so i can study these types of things, i say its for something else but i just dont want any one to know, i have told one person and they looked at me like i was sick or something so i thought i was the only one who had this conpulsion

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