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ramalieth , 14 Dec 2012


Im 17 years old and recently discovered that skin picking can become something serious. Ive been using a cuticle nipper removal to cut off the edges of my fingers , toes, and sometimes blisters then stick it in my mouth , I know this sounds really disturbing but I extremely enjoy the texture and flavor of the skin. I never thought this was normal but I also didn't think it was something to worry about until I had people tell me that what I was doing wasn't right. I might of started to do all this picking not to long ago I don't remember doing this as a kid , its more of a now thing that Ive been doing daily. Not only do i go at it with my fingers but I also find myself scratching my head at all times and scrape.. something off my scalp and eat it. Ive heard stories where people pick until they bleed, thankfully I haven gotten to that extent and I hope I don't but everything has a beginning and I strongly believe that what im doing to myself can damage me in the long run. I guess I just wanted to hear stories of other people doing the same as I do ,if you have any treatment , recommendations , suggestions or anything really it would be greatly appreciated:) Thank you.
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