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thisisme , 17 Dec 2012

laser surgery for scars?

Hello all, Found this site a while back, finally decided to join to make a post. I've been picking since I was about 11 or 12. I'm now 28. I have horrible flat white scars on my arms and legs, mostly from mosquito bites that I scratched until they bled, then numerously picked off the scab. I hate summer time, I never wear shorts, and if I must wear short sleeves, I try to cover the scars with makeup, but I've yet to find a makeup that will cover them completely. As soon as I'm in bright light or sun, forget it, I feel like they are plain as day to see. Right now in my life, I don't do it as bad as I did as I teenager, but I can't say I don't ever do it anymore. I'm finishing school and planning to get married after school. I'm hoping to be able to afford laser surgery after school and before the wedding to reduce the appearance of them on my arms. Has anyone had surgery to correct scars from picking? What was your experience with it? Thanks.

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