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Lizzie1988 , 21 Dec 2012

Split end picker

I have been picking and pulling my split ends since I was 14 I am now 24 it all started when I was at school and my friend said to me lizzie u have loads of split ends and my answer was oh is that bad and she was like they are really noticeable so ever since then I have been pulling them out it is soo noticeable because I have created bald patches I cut my hair short as I thought it would help bit it didn't i am so embarrassed about it but I can't stop I went to the doctor and he gave me anti depressants for OCD etc bit it didn't work I keep telling myself j am going to beat this bit them Ime back to square one again l glad Ime not alone, even talking about it makes me want to pull them out my New Years resolution is to stop

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