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pheebs3001 , 24 Dec 2012

I pick/peel the skin off my lips until they're bloody and raw.

Hi.. please help me!! I'm a 15 year old girl and for months now i've been picking the skin off my lips, I just love the feeling of it but then it makes my lips look weird.. like where I pulled the skin off it gets a darker color than the rest of my lips, so I have these weird patchy red spots. I can't stop doing it, the longest I ever went without doing it is 3 days. my boyfriend keeps telling me it's so gross and he wants me to stop b/c it makes kissing me less nice.. my lips are also always painful and raw and stuff... help :( i think i'm addicted to doing it! also when i do it i'll sit in front of the mirror and do it for like an hour straight, i'll look for any loose skin that i can find and then just grab it and rip it off and keep going like that for a long time.

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