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kim_k , 08 Feb 2009

taking meds for OCD, and skin picking got much worse...

I was diagnosed with OCD when i told my doc about my skin picking, finger chewing and a couple other things (always being afraid that food had gone rancid and I'd get food poisoning, being a germaphobe, etc.) while the I no longer worry about food and germs, the skin picking has gotten so much worse... i used to just chew my fingers and pick at black heads on my face, but since my doc put me on zoloft for OCD and mild depression, i do that, plus pick at my scalp (I currently have 8 scabs there i've been picking for a while now) zits on my face (7 spots right now) and i've even begun to scrape off a mole and a few freckles and I cant help but pick at my boyfriend's zits and black heads at night while he's sleeping... I know this is really sever, but i've been happier lately and am not worried about food or germs so i'm reluctant to stop taking the zoloft... any sugestions or any body else whose picking has gotten worse when taking zoloft or other meds for depression or OCD? thanks guys...
2 Answers
February 08, 2009
Hi Kim, read my forum topic "OCD and skin picking" from last week. Same thing has happened to me on Luvox CR. Skin picking wasn't even that big of a problem until the medication started screwing up my sleep cycle and making me extremely fidgety. But I'm on Luvox for severe OCD, I am definitely not better yet, but I'm getting there slowly (I've been on it since last April, but the OCD has been severe for years) and will continue the meds in spite of side effects. Read my story, it's a bit different from you, but the medication definitely affects my skin picking, too.
February 18, 2009
i have the exacccct same problem i was diagnosed with OCD about 2 years ago, i'm 15 right now. i'm on 200 mg of zoloft each day, and my skin picking has just gotten worse i tear up my fingers and feet and nails and i don't know what to do either! i don't want to stop taking the meds because i feel my OCD and depression will escalade

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