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lauren101 , 24 Dec 2012

Split ends

Please Help!!!!! I have a terriable addiction. About two years ago i started noticeing my hair splitting. before i never really noticed them. i use alot of hot tool on my hair so i know my hair isn't 100% healthy, but i can't help it because these split ends have tooken over my life completly... There is not one day that i don't rip my split ends apart. I take about two hours out of every day to split them apart. I can tell that is really annoys my family. i"ll play with them at the table, on the couch, and even at school. I always get called out in class because i am always paid attention my my split hair. I haven't hung out with any of my friends really because i'm always doing this nasty addiction. i usally like to pick at them infront of the computer cause the light gives my a good look at my split ends. I JUST CAN'T STOP!!!!!!! I like it alot and i don't think i'll ever be able to stop. I know i'm ruining my hair but i just can't stop... -Lauren
3 Answers
December 27, 2012
I do this too, and the computer thing, me also. I would suggest washing your hair with honey (2 tablespoons mixed with 1.5 to 2 cups WARM water) mix, slowly pour onto head Evenly. After that's rinsed out use regular shampoo, no conditioner. *use while in shower* I would suggest that once or twice every week. Makes your hair shine and be healthy. I also think a good haircut would temporarily solve it. And there is Tresemme Split Remedy availible at the store. And avoid hair straightners, hair dryers, hair curlers, anything hot you put directly on your hair, basically. I know it's really hard going out with wet hair if you dont have to, but it really helps not to use it. Eating yogurt, eggs, avocado. Also if you struggle with acne, just thinking about this, with mentioning of eating healthy- Eating less tv dinners and chocolate and fatty/greasy food cuts back acne. Working out and eating healthy cuts back on acne too, Hope this helped! :)
February 07, 2013
get your hair trimmed by a professional(supercuts or a beauty school can be very cheap,sometimes free).then i would use coconut oil. some put it in overnight then wash. i leave it smells great, makes your hair soft & keeps it conditioned(why it's splitting in the 1st place). good luck
February 07, 2013
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