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Imsofrustrated , 24 Dec 2012

Boil or Impetigo? Or just a bad scab?

So last night I was watching tv when I felt two tiny little bumps on my chin. Naturally, being the OCD girl I am, I picked madly at them. They felt like two tiny little scratches but over the course of a few minutes they started to swell into a large lump. It shifted when I pressed on it and I thought it was filled with fluid. I was correct because when I picked it, clear liquid came out. I expected it to drain but it didn't. I put an ice pack on it and figured I would sleep it off but it was there the next morning. I soaked it in warm water and observed the large quarter sized raw skin that covered it. I did some research and assumed it was a boil. However I asked my doctor friend and showed him a picture and he thought it was impetigo. Just in case it was a boil, I put drawing salve on it but nothing happened. It's not going down but it's looking more raw. It's very firm like a cyst almost. However impetigo is crazy contagious and this hasn't spread anywhere. Any ideas??! Please help! I leave for Miami in a week!

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