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OrganicGemini , 26 Dec 2012

Scalp/Cuticle/Nose picking and eating?

I am a mother and wife. I have always been a nose picker since I was a kid. Ate it and never grew out of it to this day. I hide it from everyone in my life and it is humiliating. As long as I can remember I have also been a cuticle biter. Not as bad as I have seen on others but I am always doing it to keep them 'groomed'. I also started picking at my scalp at the on set of acne about 3 years ago. I found that I am eating that as well. I have to hide this from my husband and everyone else and have no one to talk to because I feel disgusting and have no idea why I do it. I don't know what is wrong with me or how to go about stopping this bad behavior to prevent people from finding out and especially from teaching my kid these habits. HELP! :'(
1 Answer
December 27, 2012
You are definitely not alone. I pick my nose, but I'd never tell anyone. Like when you were 5 or 6 it was OK, just a bad thing, but I remember being in 3rd grade, of course I would never pick my nose in class, but nobody else, (everyone picked their nose in class in kindergarten) but nobody else would in 3rd, 4, or 5 all the way up to now. Also I pick at my cuticles. They are torn up and my nails are so stubby! My sister yells at me everytime I pick. She doesnt realize what a struggle it is to stop. To stop your kids- I wouldn't really bring up the topic unless you notice it in your kids. but with little kids, everyone picks their nose at that time so it's hard to tell. If they ask you about it, I'm sorry. I can't help you there. When people ask me "is your face okay!?" or "why do you pick at your nails?" I just get all quiet and don't answer. I'm sorry and good luck! :)

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