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UnhappyJello , 27 Dec 2012

All my life: Skin Picking until I bleed

Hello Everyone, It was only recently I started to research this skin picking problem I have. I constantly pick on my fingers when I am thinking, anxious, or bored. I would ripe the skin off and eat it. I always thought it will go away or it wasn't that severe. But I come to realize that it is pretty severe and I am not a child anymore I am going to turn 23 in the upcoming month. I would pick until a bleed. On a very bad day I would have at least 4~5 fingers bleeding. Normally I would have only one bleeding finger. I have done it so much it doesn't even scare me. There was a period of time in high school where I had it under control pretty well. Especially during the summer/winter breaks my fingers rarely bleeds. I think it just got out of hand once I started college. Now it has gotten so bad even when am not stress or doing anything I start to pick on it unconsciously. Also I had always tried not to do it in front of people but recently I would pick my skin and EAT it! It's so gross but I totally felt like it's comforting!! Also I finally came to conclusion, recently, that I do have some mental issues like a slight depression, slight paranoia, insomnia and anxiety problems. I also have social problems which probably affected my relationships with everyone in my life. I really want to fix myself. I just feel like life is not moving at all and I am just stuck here. Stuck here biting my fingers like a child...FOREVER. I want to seek help but I am just a college student that is in a lot of debt. Recently I got a puppy and that definitely helped me with my depression problems.

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