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Orange , 27 Dec 2012

Suggestion! Hope it helps!

Hi everyone! So I have found this a bit of help. It's incredibly hard, but doesn't take long. I grew out one of my nails-- my left thumb. I would try to keep it Clipped and Painted. Mine is uneven and chipped, but it's long. And I'm proud of that. So everyday, many times a day, I remind myself: if I don't pick, I'll get all my nails like this one, hopefully. But sometime or another, I find myself picking- every once in a while. My sister catches me, and yells at me. She has no idea why I pick or what I'm going through. She should just shutup about it because she has no idea. remember- You guys are beautiful, on the inside and on the outside. And in the words of mister Rogers, you make each day special by your being you. You are special, and beautiful. You guys are so helpful and so supportive to me, I hope I have done the same for you. Happy holidays and new year! :D ~orange~

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