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silverhart , 31 Dec 2012

More on Meditation and NAC

I've been a picker for 59 years but recently two things have helped me very much. One is NAC (N-acetyl cysteine). I used the pills for several weeks and didn't notice any help so I quit, then a few weeks later just quit picking for no apparent reason for four months until I relapsed. I think it was the NAC. I am going to restart using it. It also seems to have been a factor in the remission of my 14 years of trichotillomania. The other thing that is helping the skin picking is listening to this free recording from Sacred Acoustics recommended by Drs. Oz and Alexander: You have to use left/right earphones for the recording to work because it uses binaural sounds. Similar longer and more complex recordings are for sale at the Sacred Acoustics web site. The meditation recording is the most relaxing thing I have ever heard in my life. On nights that I listen to it, there is no picking of any kind. I make no effort to actually meditate, I just listen. D

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