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hemalatha , 03 Jan 2013

Acne Breakouts Are Caused Due To Stress And Hormonal Changes In The Body

If you visit a dermatologist after getting acne, the reason they will state is the hormonal change within the body of an individual. As per the synopsis of medical science, testosterone is the reason of acne development in an individual. Testosterone is responsible to stimulate oil gland activity in an individual. This is caused mainly to those entire individual who is having oily skin. Acne is more active to people with oily skin than individuals having dry or normal skin type. Due to stimulation of oil gland, the skin of an individual is prone to acne breakouts. Sebaceous Glands And Testosterone: The hormone releasing from adrenal glands, testes and ovaries are known as Androgens. It is wrong to think it to be a cause of male hormone. Rather, it is present in both women and men. Enzymes along with testosterone work with one another and create hydro testosterone. This is responsible to stimulate sebaceous gland in an individual. This is the major cause of increase in sebum production. An individual will suffer from oilier skin. Acne breakout is the cause of blockage in follicle which once again creates comedo. Impact Of Hormone On Acne: It is quite usual to view effect of testosterone on adult acne. It is specifically viewed in the skin tone of an adult woman. There can be situations when female body lacks estrogen. This can also be the result of testosterone production. Women have the problem of rise in testosterone and decrease in estrogen during the period of ovulation, pregnancy, menstruation and menopause. There are many women who use birth control medications. During such period, women develop acne in skin and faces. These are the situations in the life of women when acne breakouts are quite popular. Stress And Acne: Since there are many reasons to get acne in an individual, it is important to find out whether stress is also one of the reasons. Some people says stress is also one of the major cause of adult acne. But, some individual has not yet found out major proof according to the same. Some people also states that, due to adult acne, stress can develop in an individual. Researchers have found very close bridge between acne and stress. One of the causes of triggering inflammation in acne is stress. Experts are still researching on stress and acne. Experiments are still carried on to find out whether stress creates acne. Some experts also say that, stress is the tool to make the condition of an individual worsens. Due to increase in the production of sebum, there arrives outbreak of acne in an individual’s skin. If you can keep a track on breakout of acne, it will be really easier to find out whether the acne which is affecting you is the result of stress. If you measure your stress level whenever acne breakout takes place, finding out the problem will be really easy. You must also note that, stress related acne does not assemble in a particular area.
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January 03, 2013
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February 05, 2013
Hormones are also one of the factor to cause acne, but it can be controlled. Acne is cure but it takes time. Some ingredients with antioxidants like vitamins C, E or a whole range of botanicals like green tea, grapeseed or pomegranate extract, curcumin, can also helps to keep the skin younger and beautiful. Retinol a cream is one of the most popular cream used by all over the world to cure skin acne. | |
May 21, 2013
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