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anonaphys , 04 Jan 2013

I'm new here: Is it possible to be cured?

Hello! I'm new here. Nearly eighteen and have terrible skin picking tendencies for my face. I'll get to my chest sometimes, but not as badly as my face. I know that if I let my face heal, it would look great since I don't struggle with acne or anything like that. Friends, I am at the end of myself, exhausted, and wanting to be done. I''ve tried everything: photo-a-day, journals, manifestos and meditating on Scripture. I cannot beat this. There are good patches where my face is almost completely healed, but never complete freedom. I find that I pick terribly in front of a mirror, getting right up to it and squeezing any minuscule bump or discoloration. If someone compliments me or I get attention, I immediately pick afterwards. I hate myself for it. In July, I will be spending a large amount of time with someone that I love awfully and haven't seen in a year. I want to be done now so my skin will heal and I will feel confident to go without makeup by then. I have no where to turn and I feel so trapped in this disorder. Is it possible to be completely cured for life? Like I said, I get close to being healed, but never let myself get completely healed- it's like something inside won't let me be beautiful. Even if I leave my skin, I bite my cuticles and I can't stop. Please, this is an open plea for help and healing.
2 Answers
January 05, 2013
I'm new here and I don't know the answer to your question. :( It seems there's lots of people desperate for some help and very few people telling us their success stories. Maybe that's because once you're cured you don't bother posting anymore - hey lets hope so... I've had this for 44 years since I was 3 ish. I've had little forays into giving up - did so for my wedding etc but its never lasted. You know what I think? I don't really want to give up. Somewhere in there this is my way of controlling imperfection. I'm a perfectionist. But I know I'm never going to be truly perfect. So in that case I'm gonna make damn sure I control the imperfection. Does that make sense? I'm such a control freak. I'm struggling to know how to approach giving up. Do I a) look at why I do it? b) do a zero tolerance total give up? c) accept ill never be perfect and just allows self to cut down more rather than expect to totally give up? d) allow some shadow picking eg stroking or picking lightly? e) think about it? f) not think about it? And on and on it goes. God help us. I think we need to be really tough whatever xxx
January 06, 2013
Hi, on a few other threads people have said they've been able to stop for good I personally am going to try wearing Gell nails for a while, my nails will then be too thick for me to pick at my skin. I've had some success with wearing false nails in the past but after a few weeks of having the nails off I go straight back to picking my lips, I'm going to be stubborn about it this time (when I have the cash) and make sure I keep them on for as long as I need, you mentioned you meditate on scripture, I would also recomend prayer alongside it if thats what you think will help, but I don't know I've been picking for so long now yet I refuse to give up because thats not what we should do, life is hard we struggle with things, but we can beat them too! I hope this helps :)

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