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picks9876 , 15 Feb 2009

For Enjoyment?

I've picked my scabs as long as I can remember. I know it's wrong... but I've always seemed to enjoy it. When I was younger I'd save them and tape them to pieces of paper and hide them from my mom. I liked to look at them. Now, although I don't tape them to anything, I'll still save them. I guess I can't have been picking all of my life since for awhile I remember never having any scars and being proud about that, now I have a myriad of them. I'll pick any where. I've never hid it with clothes or anything. Scabs have interested me... On other people, no way. I remember once I had a cat with scabs, and I guess you get where I'm going with that. Anyone else pick just because it intrests them? It doesn't seem wrong to me on the surface but when I look at it from a different point of view I know that I have to have some kind of a problem.
3 Answers
February 16, 2009
Sure, that's why I picked at scabs as a kid. Unfortunately, as I got older, I used let them almost completely heal so that there was a thin layer of skin underneath. Then, I would cause the blood to pool underneath until it was raised and then watch it squirt everywhere. I thought it was interesting and cool to see the patterns that the blood would make on the walls, mirror, etc. Of course, I think I'm pretty messed up in the head. Your obsession doesn't sound quite that bad.

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