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mrsbieber123455 , 06 Jan 2013

i need help

i am 13 and i have this problem were i cant stop picking my arms. and when it trys to heal i just peel the scab right off, i cant help it i thought if i take the scab right off it would heal faster but itdoesnt it gets worse. it leaves white spots on my arm and when people see it i hav to tell them that i was food poisioned. and i cant were short sleves, just long sleeves or sleeves that are up to my elbow.i tryed everything i could. ive tried oil,cream vitam e oil,but it doesnt work.i need help from somewhere so can you comment if yu know anything that can help.
1 Answer
January 13, 2013
This will probably just sound repetitive of so many other posts on this site but ill say it anyway. If you haven't already, talk to someone. A therapist who can help you work through why you're picking and a psychiatrist who can prescribe some anti depressants to help stop your urges and improve impulse control. I have to say, kudos to you for admitting your problem so young! I wish I had attempted to deal with these issues when I was your age. I've been picking at pretty much everything I can reach and cutting since I was about 11. ( I'm 27 now.) the cutting is under control for the most part but the picking just gets worse. I wish you the best of luck in you're quest to stop picking. I sure hope you're more successful than I've been. Sometimes willpower just isn't enough. :(

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