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kickingmyderma… , 08 Jan 2013

Raising awareness: Submit to The Derma Project!

The Derma Project. Derma viral video to raise awareness. Film a clip of anything derma-related: talk about it (you don’t have to show your face), picking, your scars, what it feels likes, what you’ve tried, artistic interpretation (dance, paintings, pictures, written word etc.), talk about how it affects you, what you hate about it, what has and has not helped, what you frustrations are, the lack of awareness with health professionals, the nitty gritty (these are just ideas). Clips should be no more than 10 minutes, no less than 10 seconds. But it can also be just a picture, whatever! Images are fine! Notecards with writing if you don’t want your voice in the video, things like that are fine! You have total creative freedom. Express yourself. Send it to (if the file is too big, upload a private video to Youtube and send it to or send the link to ***ALSO if you are uploading via Youtube then please use the setting unlisted as opposed to private, that way I can download it. Reblog this. THANK YOU! Don’t worry too much about timing, just as soon as you can :) Follow me if you want updates on the video and to see the final product! (Keep in mind that it can’t happen without you!! I’m hoping to get lots of different submissions.) Post note: if your submission is a video, then common formats are preferred (mp4, avi, etc.) because certain movie making programs produce funky formats that won’t convert on my laptop. Try saving/exporting/sharing it as mp4 or avi! Thanks and if you have difficulty just contact me!

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