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Runaway_1 , 08 Jan 2013

Talking to the Doctor

I suffer with lip picking, I'm new here having only discovered this is an actual condition about three days ago, I've been picking my lips since I was young and am now 25, I've stopped for small periods of time but always go back to it. I'm going to start wearing gell nails for as long as it takes soon but I wondered, has anyone actually gone to the doctor about lip picking? I'm tempted to but I don't want to go and have the doctor think I'm talking rubbish, I previously went to the doctor years ago and she suspected I had general anxiety disorder so she refered me to a counsellor but I began to feel better in myself so after the original consultation I didn't go and the counsellor agreed I didn't need to go anymore, I'm not generally an anxious person I don't really tend to worry but the thought of going to the Doctor is I don't know, on my mind alot because I think she won't really get it or be able to do anything to help and I worry that the counselor I saw before will wonder why I'm back. Am I being stupid? If I do go to the doctor does anyone know what may happen? Or what I should say? If I'm honest I'll prob just go in and say "You're going to think I'm stupid but...." but then I think she may not think I should be there. I dunno, I'm part of a church and they have a healing clinic every tuesday but the thought of going there and admitting to people I know that I could have this, I'm not sure exactly what I'm trying to say so basically, has anyone been to a doctor? Could anyone give me advice? I will beat this I just don't know how to go about it apart from the gell nails and that could only solve the surface problem, would it help if I got to the root cause? Thanks everyone.

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