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laurenfrieze , 10 Jan 2013

addicted to picking !!!!!!

i have picked my skin for as long as i can remember first of all i used to pick the skin around my nails i would pick and pick till my fingers bled and have to wear plasters over my fingers all the time it was very painful too ! Then when i was about 13 i had a spot right on my scalp and i began to pick it until it bled and stung like mad this went on for two years and my mum used to have to buy me special expensive makeup to cover up my ugly scars. Then when i was about 16 i started picking my lips mostly my bottom lip i am now 18 and i still do this every single day without fail i pick my lips. i pick them till they hurt and bleed ( sometimes i cant even smile without them cracking and bleeding ) and i dont know why but i love the feeling and all my worries go away i will sit there for hours just picking away ! my boyfriend of two years couldnt take no more and ended our relationship saying it made me look unattractive with sores all over my lips but i guess he was right :( i have tried and tried to stop i even managed to pick them when i had acrylics on which was hard ! sometimes i pick without even realising it and when people point it out its so embarrasing. no one seems to understand that its an addiction and everyone just says to me its easy to stop but they dont know how it feels !!!! please someone tell me why i pick so much this must be a medical condition also i have the disorder BDD (body dismorphic disorder ) and wondered could this be why i pick ? someone help me please as i am a beauty therapist and it is unattractive for clients to see me with sores all over my lips !!! also does anyone else get cold sores from picking so much ?? HELP PLEASE !!!!!

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