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Wishicouldstop , 11 Jan 2013

Acne - Am I the only one who does this?

Hey guys. I have this thing where I can't STAND if there is something under my skin. I pick my acne because I want whatever is in the bump out of it. Whenever I get really broken out around my period, I get some boil type acne that I can't 'empty' and I get really bothered. I'll squeeze anything that will come out - blackheads, whiteheads, even some older scabs. I want whatever might infect it out. I'm just wondering if this is common? I've been doing this for a few years now. I've also had trich for many, many years. (I'm 16, probably started aroung age 11.) Thanks for any help you guys have!
2 Answers
January 11, 2013
No, you're not the only one. I've got that problem, too.
January 12, 2013

In reply to by lauraeck

Hi, I am new here and have also been picking since I was very young. It used to be nail-biting and picking at some moles on my face until I used a herbal remover to reduce their size. However, in the last two or three years, acne has flared up on my chin and around the nose (I am 36). I have been under a lot of stress and picking has become a habit (probably it always was), so that the skin on my chin is now so tender that it just breaks out all the time. The dermatologist gave me topical creams and some pills (I have been off the pills for a while but want to go back on them). I am kind of desperate as even after seeing a dermatologist, the acne didn't go away. Sometimes I go to work and I can feel the development of a spot on my face as I set there typing. The rest of my skin looks fine except for the nose and the chin. What I hate is that people comment on it! Don't they realise how mortifying that is? I would really like to meet others who know about this problem. Lots of people just find it disgusting or don't understand why it is so hard to stop picking. Just admitting it is a big step for me!

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