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Betty_Boop , 11 Jan 2013

Nose Picking

This is really embarrassing, I am an grown adult in my twenties and I struggle with nose picking, does anyone else? I read on this site that this is a dangerous area to pick so I'm trying to stop, it's been four days, I've been blowing my nose to make myself feel better but Im finding it hard! I just want to get rid of all the gunk I know is up there, the problem is I can spend half hour upwards doing this and I know it's not good for me, Does anyone have any tips? This is getting all too much now, my partner doesn't know, no one does, years ago I took to hiding in the toilet to do it, so I have no one else to talk to.
2 Answers
January 11, 2013
Hi, Betty Boop. I am a nose picker and have done it for a long time. I even do it in public. I didn't know the nose is a dangerous area to pick! I sometimes get scabs in my nose or blood. For the most part I like a clean nose and it bothers me when something's up there. So your not alone. I have no shame when I pick, I dunno why it's just a bad habit that I've done since I was little. I used to wipe my snot on the wall besides my bed and I would get teased by my family for it. Gross I know. Lol. I don't stop at picking my nose but I pick at my face, back and anything I can get my hands on. Stopping is very hard. If u are just cleaning out your nose in the bathroom that's okay, I don't see anything wrong with it unless u can't stop thinking about it and it consumes u. If it does I'd see a therapist.

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