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mariko , 12 Jan 2013

Tip that has helped my skin picking.

Hi friends, I obsessively squeeze blackheads, whiteheads, and even unblocked pores on my face and breasts. It ruins my skin; I'm 26 and I've been doing it for probably 10 or even 15 years, though there have been periods when it was better (when I was less stressed, and when I was on anti-depressants). I perpetually hope that will-power will help me stop - hopefully I'll get over it sometime soon. Anyway, for the moment, I just thought I'd share these two tips that are helping me manage the problem currently. 1. Cutting my nails really really short so I can't pick at blackheads. I mean REALLY short. Actually, I cut them with nail scissors, as short as I can, and then file them down further. The cutting and the filing hurt -- they are so short that they are far below where nails normally end and expose the soft pink flesh underneath. They don't look amazing (but I've never been that bothered about my nails, so I don't really mind the appearance.. it's not horrible, just not glamourous!) but at least picking is much much harder. Obviously this is not a long term solution and addressing the underlying causes is necessary in the long run - but I would recommend this to others as a way of managing the obsession. 2. Trying to fixate on tweezing hairs instead of squeezing skin. Another thing, that is possibly less of a good idea, and works less well, but which I still try is this (sorry, it's a bit gross and private!). I am trying to switch my obsession to tweezing hairs. Specifically pubic hairs. Tweezing hairs is not as satisfying to me as squeezing a blackhead, but I can get into a similar sort of 'trance' when doing it - and it is much less harmful. I actually just tweeze my bikini line now. It hurts a bit, but that is fine for me. Clearly hair pulling is also a serious disorder, so I guess that a doctor would not recommend this, but for me, pulling out hairs that are unwanted anyway in a way that is not damaging in itself is much much better than damaging the skin on my face. But so far, I haven't been successful in switching my obsession. But I just thought I'd offer it as a tip, in case it helps anyone else. And I'm going to keep trying to get hooked on it as a substitute for harming my skin on my face and boobs. Like I say, I am by no means 'cured' so take these tips with a huge pinch of salt! But I just wanted to put them out there in case they help anyone.

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