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sunshinefunk , 16 Jan 2013

A way to stop

The only way I stopped biting my nails was watching someone else bite their nails. It kind of grossed me out (even though I had been doing it for 10+ years). Is the way to stop picking and popping by watching someone else do it? I went to YouTube and searched, but can't get myself to watch any of the videos yet.
2 Answers
January 19, 2013
I think it might certainly help, combined with other things. I just watched one and it made me feel sick. I found it difficult to watch.
January 20, 2013
I'm not sure, I think it can go either way. It's almost like its so sickeningly fascinating you can't stop. I call it the " black hole of you tube" I sometimes find myself more motivated to try to clear all my pores. Like my skin is so much worse than the people in the videos. I wish it could be the other way. That would be a pretty simple solution. I hope that I works for you! Good luck!

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