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rogueofheart , 17 Jan 2013

Lip Picking

A while ago I actually read somewhere that ripping and picking the skin off your lips was a sign of anxiety. That was about 2 years ago. Lady year I was actually diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and I started wondering about the whole lip picking thing.  Now, I've been picking at my lips for as long as I remember. It's gotten so bad over the part few years that my lips look constantly swollen, there are patches of red, they are cracked, making it look liked I got punched, and my lips bleed easily. I've gotten so use to the blood that sometimes I think I can taste blood on my lips even when my lips aren't bleeding.  But it's not just lip picking that I struggle with. There is also scratching my left shoulder or legs until they're almost bleeding. Another one is picking at my nails, sometimes ripping the top of them off until it reaches the sensitive pink skin.   Sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing these things to my self. Especially the lip pulling. I hate doing it, especially when I do it without realizing at school. Most of the time people don't notice me doing it, but when they do, I get strange and disgusted looks. There has also been a few times where people have had to point out that my lips were bleeding because I just thought I was imagining it.  A few days ago I lost my lip balm and my lips went gross and dry, practically begging me to pick them. And I did. Luckily I found my lip balm just before because my lips were starting to actually hurt a lot from me picking at them.  I frankly have no idea how to stop doing these things. And I was just wondering, if any of you had any idea how to help stop lip picking, nail picking and the constant need to scratch at my skin, that'd be great. I seriously want to put an end to this. 

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