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SkinPicker , 27 Jan 2013

I eat various stuff from my body

Hello, I am a 25 year old male and was wondering if there is something wrong with me. Here is what I do (Starting from top to bottom) - I pick my scalp. I used to have a dandruff issue where I would pick my scalp and eat the dried skin, and at times, some lumps where once scraped, would have micro amounts of blood underneath. Now that I don't have as much dandruff as I used to, i rarely do it. - When I itch my eyebrows (Again rarely happens), I would taste my fingernails as it would be salty. - When I wake up in the morning, and I have some crusts at the edge of my eyes, I would put them in my mouth and eat them. - I would pick my ears and dig into it with an instrument and eat the wax. - I would pick my nose and eat the extracts. The hardened ones are my favorite. - I would bite the skin underneath my fingers, mainly my thumb and index finger. If somehow there is a skin 'popping' out, i'll remove it and proceed to it the skin. - The other day, I noticed that I had a hardened , stray skin that was coming off at the sole of my feet. I teared the skin off and ate it while biting it. The skin was hard. Will all of these affect my health negatively? I am generally a clean person and have no health problems. I do these when I am alone with no one in sight.
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January 27, 2013
Hi SP I can't offer any advice but just wanted to let you know I am the same. I pick and eat the scabs. I pick my nose and eat it too. I am also generally as very clean, well groomed person and I think it may stem from that- we OVERgroom. We have to remove all scabs, ear wax, etc. I am not sure why we eat it though- but if you look at other primates like monkies they do it so maybe it is our natural grooming behaviour gone in to overdrive! I hope we get over this as I as when I am picking I am already regretting it as I know I am ruining my skin and creating horrible bloody sores that people notice. x

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