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balloholic23 , 28 Jan 2013

Please help

Im 18 and im not a major picker, but i do sometimes pick at acne scabs. Ive had about 5 small scabs on my face for about a month now and continue to pick them off routinely. They do scab over again and i do the same thing. as i said its been about a month, If i stop picking now, will these still heal even if there is a little bit of scarring? i feel like i am stuck with scabs for the rest of my life.
3 Answers
January 29, 2013
they will heal, but you have to keep your hands off! I know it's not easy, believe me! How about this? When you get the urge to pick at them, put lotion (I use a sensitive skin type) on your entire face. Then walk away! Add more lotion whenever you feel the urge again. Your skin will start to heal and the lotion will keep your skin soft. Within a day or two, you will notice the difference!

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