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balloholic23 , 30 Jan 2013


I posted on here a few days ago about having been picking a few scabs from a breakout last month. Now I won't say I'm a picker because I don't cause scabs that aren't there or pick at everything but please listen to me! Is been 2 days since I last picked and my skin already is showing me that it will look better. Please just try to stop picking for a few days and you will see improvement after even as short as 2 days. Please I know it's hard, but just think About how you will feel when you see your skin is starting to clear up. It's great to see everyone coming together on here, especially those of you who have severe problems with this! Leave everything alone! It will heal I promise!!! Please keep me updated as to how you are all doing, I am doing great and don't even hve the urge anymore since seeing the potential of my skin in the last few days. Good luck everyone!
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Solution Seeker
January 31, 2013
Great job!! You have just inspired me even more!! i too started yestetday not playing with my hair and split ends! i just thought i'd repost my comment here since it might help others and it provides a realistic way to quit our bad habits! i feel great about it, and did wonderful today. Even if I found my hand going to my hair, I realized I was doing it, was more aware, and just stopped myself! It feels freeing and i am enjoying being in control. Keep it up, and lets support each other! Thanks so much for your post! Read on: Reading this blog (playing with hair, split ends and picking) was comforting yet disturbing at the same time. I didn't know so many people did this. It dawned on me that a solution is what's needed. I am a creative thinker, and although I have not been able to stop playing with my hair myself, reading your words have inspired me to come up with a possible solution. We really need to think of this as an addiction and call ourselves on it. Whoever said in one of the previous blogs that she told her husband and family to remind her when she does it, that's brilliant! To say out loud that you have this problem is the first step. Everyone sees us doing it anyway, so what's the difference. Listen, we all know how much time we are wasting pulling at our hair. In fact, I am starting a new job next week and I am vowing not to play with my hair for the entire time that I am at my job! How am I going to do this?? I am going to promise to all of YOU that I am not going to do it!!! I have found that making a conscious effort to think about it when I start to do it helps me to stop. In order to help make it conscious, i'll write myself little notes (and put them in different places where I will see them often) reminding me not to do it. Because this is a difficult addiction like all other addictions, you need to start small and give yourself little goals. Tell yourself that there is a certain time where you absolutely won't do it and may try to increase that time little by little, and maybe even keep a journal. --- I just spoke to my husband and told him I'd really like to stop playing with my hair, to which he replied "you're ALWAYS playing with your hair!!" and I said, well I'd like to stop. Can you please remind me to stop when you see me doing it? And he said he'd be happy to. I then reminded him that I tell him to stop biting his nails, I need him to help me stop playing with my hair. To be honest I winced when I started to say it out loud, but then it felt good to commit to it and get it out in the open. I haven't even looked to see if there is a support group, I'm sure there is, but the thought of signing up to one doesn't appeal to me - however hopefully some of my suggestions can help all of us, or at least some!!! I'm in this with you, and to be honest, it feels good to be doing something about it. I am going to start a little journal to keep track of - starting when I'm done with this long blog - lol - and track the time that I DON'T play with my hair. The idea is to be able to write down as much time as possible throughout your day till we are no longer doing it and only see it for the problem that it is. Between the reminder notes, our (close) family reminding us, and consciously tracking our time (no different than watching what we eat!!) maybe we can become more productive and nip this in the bud. I'm sure we are a dynamic group of women (and men!!) and the bottom line is that we share the same problem and have to help each other. Well, I've already committed to this by engaging my husband and putting it out there to all of you. Anyone else in??? :o)
Solution Seeker
January 31, 2013
PS - My husband said he didn't bite his nails all day today at work!! I'm proud of him!! Whatever it is we need to do, it's better to do it together!!

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