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Mikes , 31 Jan 2013

Facial hair tweezing and ocd

I'm constantly catching myself messing with the hairs next to my lips with my tonge . Then I go to tweezing them , and if the hair is to small to get I try poking it with a needle , then I squeeze it til it comes out,folical and all. In my head I'm thinking it's my face little hair and I want u out . And I won't stop until I get that one hair I'm obsessing over , andi cant let the hair win .I know what my face is gonna look like when I'm done and how bad it's gonna hurt and how embarrassed I'm gonna be. I think about stopping , I want to stop, but I have to get it !!! I Can't stop , I have noticed it is a million times worse if I take adderal or a stimulant . I was reading on another forum that people on adderal do this alot and can't stop. Im So glad this sight is here for people to discuss there issues with people dealing wth the same issues , had a bad mirror session 2 days ago . And now I'm paying the price , I don't wanna go in public I feel like every time I'm out people are starring at my sores on my face , it suks, so for all out there reading this and know how I feel , let me know if u know anything I can do to resolve these issues thank you

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