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ducky , 03 Feb 2013

i love the taste of my own blood !!! do any of you ??

I love the taste of my own blood if I cut myself I will constantly suck the blood out of it, I bite the inside of my lips just to suck the blood out of them... am I alone ????
6 Answers
February 20, 2013
No!!! I don't cut me skin but I pick, floss, tweeze use needles on my guns then such so hard I get about a quarter round blot clot. Then I like to chew like gum. They get more clotted and smaller chewier. I think the white blood cells help whiten my teeth. I only pick where I have a molar I had to have puller because a bad root canal.
June 04, 2013
yep; i do too. when i pick the scabs off my head; they bleed and i lick the blood off my fingers.

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