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susie , 23 Feb 2009

getting into the pore

my question is is there anyone who uses a tweezer and gets into the pore ,and sees a hard white thing and digs deeper with the tweezer and gets a gush of blood. sorry to be so graphic but i need some help
4 Answers
February 26, 2009
ive done it before, only a couple of times, mostly i just pick with my fingernails though
April 15, 2009

In reply to by bb91

I will pick my pores (blackheads & whiteheads) w/anything I can find. They have special tools for this very purpose at all drug stores. I just threw mine away (like a crack addict, who has thrown away their pipe) in hopes, out of site out of mind. I'm new to this site, but I do the same thing. (Gonna be a little graphic here - so please change if you gross out easy)...I absolutely love to pop pimples that I know are going to just basically "explode". Unfortunately, I don't leave my face alone long enough to let them come to a nice head. I have lots of little underground whiteheads on my nose, and on my chin and on my left cheek. I pick, squeeze, dig, basically lite a stick of dynamite to get the puss out. Usually, it's anticlimatic (for me, remember my love of the "POP"). But, I keep at it, because I just know something is in there, then blood. You all know what that means SCAB. Scabs don't scare me, I'll pop a scab if I feel like theres some fun awaiting me underneath. I would say right now I have over 25 scabs on my face. I don't wanna leave the house, makeup makes i worse, and I keep asking myself why in the name of all this good, do I continue doing this. I'm 38 and my husband says it's aging me quickly (please understand, he is so understand, patient, kind, etc), he just can't sit back, relax and let me to continue to destroy my face. But, back to the original post, yes I use tweezers, you name it, I've used it. It's like almost like looking for the right golf club for golf. Need the best tools for the "trade" I guess. Pickarella
February 28, 2009
yup.. one of my biggest issues... it is the obsession behind my ocd picking... i have to get it out! i dont use tweezers though.. i use something else like tweezers but i wont say what cuz i dont want to put any ideas out there... but i will go at it until i pull it out or give up which takes a very long time for me to do... my strategy for avoiding damaging my skin most of the time is to wear gloves taped around the wrists so that when i want to scratch at scabs i cant do much damage.. but with tools its much different... i have had some success however with keeping mirrors out of my room or where there is much light.. except for my bathroom mirror which i cant avoid.. which in that case i tape the light switch down so i dont turn it on... i have a night light in the bathroom i use to see and thats not enough light to be able to pick like this... i only take the tape off when i need to put my makeup on in the morning... so basically my advice to you is make an effort to make it difficult for yourself to do it... you will have more time to think twice and more conscious about how youre making the poor decision to pick when you are peeling off tape from the light switch.. or the gloves.. or whatever you have to do to get a better advantage in picking...
March 02, 2009

In reply to by meppy20

hey thanks for the advice i can totally relate to the lights off thing. its this stupid mirror i have when i put my makeup on which always makes me late for work cause i start picking for a half an hour youd think i would get rid of the magnified mirror right no thats to easy but u are right about making it difficult for myself

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